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I wrote about the Microstockr Pro App (currently in free Beta) a few weeks back and have been playing with it since. One thing I noticed that could really help me is the ability to match the same image across all sites and then see the total sales for that image. Why that helped me in particular was that for several years, Fotolia was very harsh on non-people and non-object images. My landscapes and travel images were rejected by the hundreds (at least it seemed like that!), including this one:

For a time, I stopped uploading to the site altogether. As Adobe they are much more accepting of travel imagery, so that most of my current uploads are accepted to the portfolio and start to sell reasonably quickly. But how to tell what either got rejected in the past or I didn’t even upload? Microstockr Pro to the rescue! I could look at my best selling images and see if one of the matched sites included Fotolia. If it didn’t, I could first search Fotolia itself to see if the image was there, and whether any others from that same shoot were present. Then I uploaded the missing photo (or photos) to Fotolia and so far they have been accepted. Today, for instance, I noticed that almost all of my St Martin shots had been rejected (there were just 5 or so on the site) and so I was able to quickly upload the remaining 54 images and they are now in the review queue. For some reason, they had rejected my good sellers like this:

although Fotolia accepted this version, but rejected one (as a similar image) that actually has a better sales history. Go figure!

I did suggest to the developers of Microstockr Pro that a really neat feature would be a report of images that are present on some sites, but not on others, sorted by sales. In that way, you could quickly find images that perhaps would be accepted now into Adobe Stock when Fotolia had rejected them in the past.

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  1. AlessandraRC says:

    Steve, it is weird that Fotolia used to reject landscape and travel photos, they are accepted and sell well now.

  2. admin says:

    Yes, they are accepting quite a lot of the images that i am uploading that they had rejected way back. And some of those are slowly starting to sell.

  3. Alessandro says:

    The software “Microstock Analytics” actually do it. You can look at the images not present in one (of the 7) specific Agency and order them by downloads or revenue. So you can see what is worth a try in resubmitting and to which agency

  4. Compuinfoto says:

    Steve, is there a possibility to see or some photos that sell good on a certain site, you can see in the Microstockr that that photo is not on your other site , or do you search for that manually? I installed it and can see best sellers on for example Fotolia, but I do not see or the same photo is on dreamstime in my portfolio. I have to search for it manually? Greetings

  5. admin says:

    I first did the matching of all my images (which takes a day or so) and then I started with the most popular images and just looked at them in turn to see if Fotolia was among them. Not a great system, but at least it is prioritized by the best sellers. I did suggest the developers do that sort of report automatically, but no word from them! It does appear that Microstock Analytics does this sort of analysis, but would be $120 a year for my portfolio.

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