New Year Sale on Stock Submitter

I do talk about Stock Submitter quite a lot, but that is because it is now such a key part of my workflow, so much so that I don’t think I could ever go back to visiting each site in turn to fiddle with their categories and model release approaches to do that final piece of submission. I noticed a post from the developer that he is having his annual New Year sale on subscriptions for the software. It only applies to one and two year subscriptions (which apply to the larger upload packages), but if you were thinking of subscribing, now would be a good time to do it.

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  1. The link you mentioned doesn’t mention there is a specific sale. I wouldn’t mind taking a look and considering, but there is no mention of the previous price and the discounted one.

    P.S. I think captcha stops a lot of people from committing, there are quite effective tools to fight spam on WordPress installations.


    • admin says:

      Thanks – I’ll check the captcha. I think he has just reduced the prices of the annual and 2 year plans – I agree, it would have been good to have seen before and after pricing.

  2. I have to admit their pricing is vague. For example – I’d rather try a starter pack for 100 submissions a month. But they allow buying starter pack only for 3 months. (the only option in a drop-down menu).

    If I want to buy it for a year, then the only option is to go with more expensive options for 250 monthly submissions, which I don’t do in general.

    On the bright side – I’ve installed their free version and it is a huge time savior, the program itself is definitely worth it, everything seems to be well-thought-of and seems like a good investment.

    But their plans and pricing are rather not flexible.

  3. Speaking about antispam – for my clients with slow web-traffic Akismet plugin does a good job. If you need more in-depth info – you can shoot me an email, I’m a web developer.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Elijah
      I’ve removed the Captcha – I do use Akismet and that does capture spam, although I also have it set so that I manually approve posts from new readers.
      I’ll also email the developer of Stock Submitter to point him to these comments.

  4. admin says:

    I asked the developer to look at these comments. Here is his reply:

    “Thank you for letting me know.

    Starter is the cheapest plan and it is meant to be sold that way (3 months only) because payment gateway commissions would kill nearly half of the 1 month price if we would let the users to purchase it for 1 month only.

    And yes I agree it is not clear from the package purchase page how much cheaper the plans are now. I’m not sure if we can change that now because it would require to alter the page code significantly, but I’ll note it for the future sales.
    Right now the 12 and 24 month package prices have 30-50% discount included as opposed to 20-30% before.”

  5. Trong Nguyen says:

    Hi Steve,

    Would you mind to check with Stock Submitter developer to see if below promotion still valid?

    “Right now the 12 and 24 month package prices have 30-50% discount included as opposed to 20-30% before.””

    Thanks so much,


  6. Hi Steve,
    I’m testing Stocksubmitter for a dozen agencies. I have missing metadata on arrival at some agencies. I do only photo with people, and models releases seem don’t follow the photos. Transfers are also very long.
    You seem very satisfied with the software, did you have this kind of problem to solve?
    Thanks a lot

    • admin says:

      Hi Philippe,
      Yes, I do find it really helpful! I don’t take as many people shots, but I basically add the model release into StockSubmitter rather than upload it to any agency. I then attach it to one or more images and press save. The relevant images then have MR in the top corner of the thumbnail. When I then upload the images, the MR follows them if it is the first time it has been used. I think that for future uploads of images with that same model, the program just attaches the copy that is now stored with the agency rather than upload again. As far as transfers – do you mean the time taken to upload? Of course it depends on the speed of your connection, but I often see 4Mbps against individual agencies as it is uploading. So generally one image to 16 sites will take a minute or so. Videos take much longer of course.

  7. Hi Steve,
    Thank you for your answer, I will continue my trials.

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