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Hi Steve.

If you do travel photography – what is the list of agencies that provide the best return?

    There is no easy answer to that. It is hard to make a lot just doing travel photography and so I do a mix of that and studio type work. I publish my earnings per agency and so you can get a good idea of which ones provide most income, although I have no way to split it out between different types of image to be honest.

Thanks, this is mostly a side income for me, I just like travelling and not sure I can dedicate time to studio work.

Hi Steve,

Just wondering if you have a specific reason for not contributing video to iStock & 123rf? Is it just for convenience?

    Hi Kaleb – good point. I think I chose the sites I did because those tended to be the ones with more video sales although I was dubious about the low sale values on iStock that others had reported. But I know you also get those tiny sales in images as well and I’m “happy” with that. Funnily enough I decided that I wasn’t being very logical in ignoring iStock and so I uploaded some videos that I have just made to them yesterday to see what happens. Why not 123RF? Videos are enormous files (500MB or more) and take a long time to upload, with a bit of an impact on my other internet stuff while the upload is going on. So I don’t want to tie up my internet connection to sites that are rarely going to generate money. Not a great bit of logic I agree, but that is where I have ended up!

Sorry for another question Steve. Do you ever actually sell photos on Pond5? I know they accept them but I’ve heard nobody actually buys from there. Would like some first hand experience before I spend a long period of time uploading images.

    It varies a lot – in December it was 9 images, in November 3. I’m not very consistent on my pricing for all sorts of historic reasons, but I generally get between $5 and $10 net for each image. It comes back to my approach – if a site is easy to upload to (and it is with StockSubmitter) then I might as well upload there.

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