Did my junk shop typewriter earn its keep?

Back in February, I wrote about the ideas you can sometimes get from objects in a junk shop – specifically a typewriter which cost me $15. I was asked to report on success – did it pay it’s way? After 2 months of sales, I can report that it did!

Total earnings from the typewriter shots now that my iStock results are available are $47 – so a solid $32 profit! I must admit that the sale that pushed it well into positive territory was actually a video from Adobe Stock for $28 a few days ago. So there is another tip – when you have bought your object from the junk shop, take both still photos and video clips of it!


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Good job. Congratulations on the profit.

Well done Steve. Good to hear!

Nice one! Are you thinking about doing more variations of typing? I like the fake news but how about the classic “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…”? 😀

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