Interesting new feature on Microstockr Pro

You may already have seen this, but I had been talking to the developers of Microstockr Pro with ideas for new features and asked for the ability to be able to sort the images in the download section to show images ranked by the sale value rather than just by the date of the sale. My idea was that if you have been away for a few weeks, it would be good to look back at the higher selling images rather than have to go through page after page of subscription sales. They have come up with a neat way of doing that – you can put financial filters in the search box to show you images equal to a value, above a value or below a value. For example, putting <0.05 in the search box shows me the “sales” that have occurred on iStock with a value of less than 5c:

Sales for less than 5c on iStock

The good news is that $0.01 is the lowest price iStock are allowing on their site!!! Ignoring the big debate about how much an image is worth, this new Microstockr Pro feature is very nicely implemented. Thanks, guys!

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  1. Yup, this is indeed a great feature of the already very nice Microstockr app!
    Thanks for helping in making it great!
    I have also made a few feature requests already. One of them is a way to add extra non-supported agencies. For instance, when I sell something on Eyeem, to be able to add it yourself so that it does show up in your statistics.

I'm always interested in what you think - please let me know!