Digital Art – Shanghai skyline

I’m still working through my images from China, but recently put together this high resolution panorama (10,500 pixels) of the skyline of Shanghai as the sun started to set. Nice photo, but definitely editorial as all the buildings have various sorts of signs on them and it was too much work to remove them. So being in a playful mood I decided to try a painting instead and used the Jixipix Watercolor Studio plugin for Photoshop to create a more artistic view of the city. My thought was to upload to Fine Art America (and it is there already) but also to submit to the sites that don’t take editorial work.

Water color of skyline of the city of Shanghai at sunset

The original was uploaded as well – you never know when someone just wants a straightforward print of a city skyline.

Skyline of the city of Shanghai at sunset

I’ve not had great success so far in selling these sort of paintings as stock – just two sales on Shutterstock for my San Diego painting – but I enjoy doing this sort of thing and the Jixipix plugins make it very easy to create your first painting and then modify pretty much however you want.

I saw an email today from Jixipix – they are having their Holiday sale with reductions of at least 35%. The Pro products such as Impresso Pro and Watercolor Studio are reduced from $49.99 to $29.99 and the bundles similarly reduced. I don’t think the reduced price shows until you add it into the shopping cart. If you are interested, you can see their products here:

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