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EyeEM stock agency and how to work with it

EyeEM – issues to avoid when uploading

EyeEM is an interesting site for photographers with some real negatives, but some positive signs on the earnings. I have been with them since early 2018 and I think I saw my first earnings in April of that year. In 2018 I earned $407 and 2019 so far has been $767 for the month through June. So it has become a steady middle of the road earner – certainly beating many established sites with a much larger portfolio. So that...

Making money from stock photography

With more than 10 years experience in selling my photos online, you can get up to speed quickly and learn from my mistakes in my step by step guide to Stock Photography. Join the fast track to making more money from your photos and really increasing your earnings! It isn’t always easy going, but you can have a lot of fun learning how to turn your hobby into a business!

Jixipix – new sale on right now

I don’t want to turn into a shill for Jixipix, but I do like playing with them and when I saw that their discount this week is 35% I treated myself to the full Pro Bundle. I’m sorry to those who bought when it was 30% off – although I have an affiliate link, I have no insight into what they are planning. I was playing around just now with the Pastello application and made (what I think is a...

How much effort should you put into an image for a stock agency these days

Crazy Photoshop work pays off

I wrote about the photoshop work I had put into an image taken in Athens earlier in the month, and so far, nothing much has happened to that image (it was accepted by all agencies, but no sales). One I worked on way back in 2013 finally got its fame today with a sale of $30 on Shutterstock to bring its total sales to $60. Bearing in mind the effort (I still can’t believe I did it!), I guess this...

Fun with digital painting with Jixipix Impresso Pro

Fun with Painting (and special offer…)

Last week I wrote about the efforts I had made to create an art-worthy image of a narrow Athens passageway. Something about that image had “tickled my fancy” and so I put a lot of effort into trying to get rid of all the modern detritus that was spoiling my vision of what it should look like. Then, my good friend Alex showed me some of the work he liked and particularly this one he had taken in a typical...

Anafiotika neighborhood of Athens Greece

How much Photoshop work is too much?

I was happily processing my images from a recent trip to Athens when I came across this one: This was taken in the area between the Plaka district and the Acropolis in a lovely neighborhood called Anafiotika. Tiny paths separate the colorful (although a bit worn) houses and the ancient Acropolis overshadows it all. Something about this image attracted me – not just for stock, but perhaps for wall art as well. But all those cables and shadows of cables...

Selling calendars of high quality fine art photographs of Kauai

Fine Art Calendars – trying again

I’ve created calendars in the past with reasonable success, but I think I made the mistake of identifying the year for the calendar on a specific cover page which means that I had to update the calendar each year to make it saleable again. Of course, I didn’t bother! This time I have used my best pictures of Kauai in Hawaii and made a front cover that is suitable for any year and put it for sale on Zazzle in...

New Pixels website to show off images for print at Fine Art America

Fine Art America gets an update

I noticed an email from Fine Art America announcing that our unique portfolio pages have been given an updated look. Sure enough, when I checked it out, you can update your site to the new design and customize many pieces of it. I’ve never really publicized this site, but I like the new look of it and I’ll see if I can spread the URL around! If you have a Fine Art America account, I think it is worth investigating...

Master Class in Stock Photography

Master Class in Stock Photography

I gave an hour’s presentation to the Winchester Camera Club last summer and recorded the audio of the presentation. The video I created overlays the audio soundtrack on the presentation slides to give you a solid overview of the stock photography business, my approach to finding subjects, some of my best sellers and my thoughts on how best to make money in this increasingly difficult business. This has been available on subscription for a while, but I decided to make...

Digital painting of San Diego skyline recently sold on Society6

Working with Society6

I checked my account at Society6 this morning and found another sale. This time a woodblock print of a digital watercolor image of the San Diego skyline. Net profit – $18. Not the high margins that I have set on Fine Art America, but when I think about it, I haven’t sold a print there since January! That reminded me that a number of you have asked if I will write more about my approach to uploading to this site,...