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Microstock Plus – Easier uploading

As you know, I am a solid believer in Stock Submitter to prepare, upload and submit my images and videos to all the 20 or so sites I support. The ease with which it is able to submit images without me ever visiting the agency saves me a lot of time and effort. I’ve written a series of blogs about it starting with this one. Recently the developer came up with an interesting enhancement to the local app – Microstock...

My home studio in all its glory!

My Home Studio

I create quite a few stock photos and videos in what I laughingly call my home studio, but what does that entail? Do you need a lot of gear to make excellent images and videos? I think the answer is no! Basically, I have a room (at the top of the house which keeps me in shape) that is my computer room, TV room and studio. I’ve moved recently to a stand up desk arrangement with my two monitors and...

Wad of US dollar bills in black wallet on table

How can I sell my photos and make some money???

Just how much money can you make from stock photography? I asked myself that question over 10 years ago, and decided the answer was to sell my images on stock agencies and see. Since then I have increased my income to more than $35,000 a year and I share the steps and lessons learned in the newly revised 2017 edition of my eBook – Getting Started in Stock.  You are facing a simple choice – do you want to learn as you go, following...

New pricing on Fine Art America for prints in 2019

Fine Art America print pricing for 2019

Way back in 2015 I did some research on the pricing of images that had sold on Fine Art America. I’ve stuck with that pricing ever since and I have had sales as I report here, but am I leaving money on the table? So I decided to repeat my research and see how pricing of a representative sample of images that had sold this week on FineArtAmerica had changed. What I found was intriguing! 

Quick Tip for Stock Submitter users

I wrote a long post about how I manage RF, RM and editorial images in response to a question from a reader. I admitted that I wasn’t great at that, but that I could see in the Stock Submitter interface which images were editorial and which were commercial. However, I thought this was just a visual thing – the editorial ones had a block of “Orange” which indicated that they could not be uploaded to Adobe, Canstock etc. So if...

Water color of skyline of the city of Shanghai at sunset

Digital Art – Shanghai skyline

I’m still working through my images from China, but recently put together this high resolution panorama (10,500 pixels) of the skyline of Shanghai as the sun started to set. Nice photo, but definitely editorial as all the buildings have various sorts of signs on them and it was too much work to remove them. So being in a playful mood I decided to try a painting instead and used the Jixipix Watercolor Studio plugin for Photoshop to create a more...

Official Winter is coming tankard from Game of Thrones series

Keeping up with current events

I’m a big proponent of watching for what is in the news and trying to think of what the next big story will be. I use Flipboard for this and I like the way the site comes up with the general stories, but also illustrates them with images that may trigger my creative juices! I curate a stock photography oriented magazine with Alex Rotenberg if you are interested in that. I thought it might be interesting to see how my...

Moon rising in Washington DC

Selling Fine Art on FineArtAmerica

I’m asked whether it is worth having a paid subscription to Fine Art America from time to time. With a free account, you can upload 25 images only. For $30 a year, you can have unlimited images and more analytics tools. I currently have 760 images as I find that I have no real idea of which of my many files will actually sell! So I upload all the ones that I personally like and hope they will get some...

Hammer on damaged hard drive

New Hosting Experience @InMotionHosting

UPDATE: The 30 days upgrade timeframe turned out to be wrong – the upgrade was done yesterday. Not perfectly, it must be admitted, but everything is now good and the sites are performing well. The tech I was working with last night was very good. I decided that research before signing up for the first package is critical. If I had chosen the VPS from the start and simply migrated my sites there, I think all would have been well!...

Drowning in paperwork concept photo

RF, RM, Exclusive – how do you manage it all?

I was asked a question recently through my contact page which essentially asked how I manage what I have in each agency and whether it is RF, RM or exclusive? For those relatively new to the game I wrote a post a few years back about the difference between all these “licensing terms” that might be worth reviewing. So, how do we manage all our images (and videos) without drowning in paperwork?