How will I get my eBook?

You will get an email with a download link that you can use up to five times. If you have any issues, please contact me at sales @ I will get back to you ASAP.

On a PC, you can normally just double click the downloaded zip file and you will find the files inside. You can read the PDF directly on your PC via Adobe Acrobat or similar.

The iPad is slightly more complex – there is no automatic unzipping program on the iPad for files that aren’t received via email. I found WinZip (from the Apple Store) to be a simple to use alternative. There is a free version which will work fine for this. When it is installed and you download a zip file, you will get an option to import in WinZip. Choose this and you will see the contents of the zip file.¬†You can click on one of the files to open that file in an appropriate App. If you want the eBook version, you might get a message that WinZip failed to read it, but offering to open in iBooks. That worked fine for me – the file was added to my library. iBooks can also read PDFs.

Hope this helps!

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