Earnings from Stock in May 2011

Well, the results are in, and…

Not too shabby, but not as good as the last 2 months that had set a roaring pace with quite a number of high priced downloads. Most of the sites performed to the normal levels, with a little growth. I added around 70 images in the month to each of the sites – a little less than normal as I was focused on writing my eBook!

Here is the graph showing month by month earnings – a total of $650 this month – together with the earnings per site. I’m surprised by Photocase – I only have three (yes, 3) images on line, and it earned $4.50 this month. If only I could work out what they accepted!

Stock Photography earnings in May 2011

Earnings through May 2011

Earnings per microstock sites in May 2011

Earnings per site

Number of images on line at stock sites

Photos on line

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  1. Do you have a referral link for Photocase? If so can I have it? matt@Niltomil.com

    Good stuff – hitting the book link now.


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