Step-by-Step Guide to MicroStock Photography

You are interested in selling your photos, and here is the best way to quickly earn money from those images.  Invest in this book and gain ten years of hard earned knowledge of successfully licensing photos for cash in one easy to read manual.  Newly updated so if you want to get up to speed in a matter of days,  simply choose to buy the eBook now for an instant download – you will get it in both a PDF and epub version to use on your favorite device. It is one of the most highly rated books in its field on Amazon – 43 great reviews on the Amazon US site alone.

Step by Step Guide to Stock Photography
Step by Step Guide to Stock Photography
Maximize your earnings now with the updated 2017 edition of this popular guide! Save hours of reading old posts on forums to try to find the tips and tricks that make this industry tick.
Price: $9.99

How will I get my eBook? You will find a download link on the return page from Paypal and I’ll also send an email with the same link – so you can start within minutes of clicking on the shopping cart above! If you are using an iPad, please read this page about how to unzip and open the file on an iPad.

For a really comprehensive view of the stock photography market, why not consider the bundled package of both Getting Started in Stock and the Brutally Honest Guide to Microstock Photography by Alex Rotenberg. I have read Alex’s book and it is a much broader view of the stock photography market than my edition. I focus on the “how to do it” processes, looking at each major agency and discussing their quirks and approaches, whereas Alex looks more at what you need to do photographically to compete and what you can do with the skills you are picking up as a stock photographer. Buying both together saves you over $5 on the Amazon pricing. Buy with confidence here:

Stock Photography Bundle
Stock Photography Bundle
Specially priced bundle of the PDF and eBook versions of both Getting Started in Stock and the Brutally Honest Guide to Microstock Photography
Price: $19.99
Price: $14.99

If you just want to buy Alex’s book, you can obtain it here.

If you are the sort of learner who prefers watching and listening, you should investigate my Master Class in Stock Photography video, available here.

Not sure about the book yet? Check out the reviews on Amazon or you can preview the book (courtesy of Amazon) by clicking “Preview” under the image below:

Amazon sells the Kindle version – the download file if you buy it direct from my site includes the epub book plus a full color PDF to read on any device or print out for future reference.

Get started in stock fourth editionNeed more persuasion? Over the past ten years I have learned a lot about microstock photography and the various tips and tricks to get the best out of each site. Some things are obvious – others you only learn about after spending hours reading through forum posts.  Save your time – all those tips and tricks are now available in an easy step by step guide to Microstock and how you can make money from your photos. Learn how to get into the business, how to efficiently manage and keyword your images and get them online with the minimum fuss. Finally, jump straight to the time saving tools and web sites such as StockSubmitter, Stock Analytics and Microstockr Pro to effectively manage your portfolio.

This fourth edition of my book is greatly expanded from the first release. I now cover the main stock agencies and have added detailed graphs and charts showing how my income has developed on each site and whether they are improving in terms of income per online file – in my view the best way to measure success on a stock agency. I have dedicated chapters on Keywording Secrets, easy uploading approaches and discussions on how to analyze your portfolio. As more and more sites now accept editorial images, I have added additional information on how best to meet that need.

There are excellent books available at Amazon on the sort of images to take for stock. I’m not trying to compete with those. My book is clearly a “how-to” guide based on all the experiences (good and bad) as I have gone from an income of less than $100 per month to over $35,000 per year. Why make the same mistakes and miss the opportunities I have missed – one day’s worth of sales will more than cover the cost of my book! It is now recognized as the Best Seller in Professional Photography Books!


Check out the reviews of Getting Started in Stock Photography


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  1. Sarah Como says:

    Bought your book last year. It’s fantastic! I was just wondering if you have seen any decline in the past year or if you are still averaging .50 per photo per month. Thanks!

  2. Bobby Gentry says:

    trying to order and so far not successful.

  3. Connie Renda says:

    I bought the first edition of your ebook, and found it very informative. Is the third edition different enough with enough added information to warrant me buying it again? Thank you.

  4. Mary says:

    I bought you e-book but amazon took it back saying I had the free version and my access had expired. Can I get it back??

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