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Readers of my eBook, Getting Started in Stock, have probably started by uploading images to the top 4-6 sites, and are slowly getting their work processes honed to perfection! The obvious question is – which site shall I upload to next? This is a difficult decision, because the effort involved in uploading may not be justified by less than stellar earnings. I still have images on Crestock that have earned a grand total of $26 – after 3 years! I recently added Zoonar to my list of recommended sites, and now I would like to suggest that you seriously consider Isignstock. Read more for my review of this interesting microstock site.

This may seem a strange pick…the site, after all, focuses on images for sign makers, and also creates vinyl banners and overlays for vehicles. It is not very informative for contributors – I’ve got no idea which images of mine have sold. But – it is easy to upload to, they are very reasonable in which images are accepted, and the earnings have been surprising good. Since I joined the site in March, I’ve earned a total of $144, with the past three months being $30, $35 and $36 now I have all my images online. I’ve now got 2452 images online, which gives you some idea of their approach to approvals – Canstock has 2257.

Uploads are very easy – you can request an FTP account (that may come along automatically now) and simply upload all your files to their site. That’s it. Images are reviewed and added to their database or rejected, but there is no need to visit the site to add categories or anything else. The obvious exception to this is where the picture requires a model or property release. They have a pretty reasonable release manager that allows you to search for images that need a release (or display in uploaded order) and select images and link to a release. I have added the Isignstock FTP details to my Lightburner account and so any images I upload are automatically sent along to Isignstock. In effect, it is a totally automatic process.

I’ve also been very pleased with the support when I have a question – they seem to be well organized and in this for the long run. My final test – I have requested and have received a payout – a good sign of a good site!

The downsides – a lack of visibility of what you have sold mainly. You can see the popular images, you can tell how many views a day your portfolio has received, and then, on the 1st of each month, you can see how much you earned in the previous month – that is it. No daily visits to check on earnings (which is probably a good thing!) Just sit back and watch the earnings grow.

So, for your next stock site, why not try Isignstock?

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  1. Isaac Fox says:

    Really great to see someone spreading the word on isignstock. I’ve been with these guys from the start and make almost as much with them as I do on istock.

    Don’t let the name put so off – at first I thought it was quite a niche market but there are A LOT of sign makers out there!!

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