Update on stock photos – March 16 2012

I’ve been a little slow these past 10 days, mainly because of the final effort to finish the second edition of my eBook on Getting Started in Stock. However, back to the grindstone. The first was an isolated image of a ukulele (isolated with the pen tool in PS), with the sunlight shining across the wood. I love the richness of the wood grain:

Ukulele isolated against white

Up next were some more cat pictures – not too many as I don’t want to over-saturate my portfolio, but a nice close up of the cat’s eyes:

Cat's eyes

With tax time coming up fast for US residents, I thought a photo of my untidy filing drawer could sell nicely. Most of the stock images are very clean and organized. This is probably more like the clutter that ordinary people have:

Tax time

Next up – a lovely home made pie. This one is apple and strawberry with an ice-cream topping. Delicious:

Apple and strawberry pie

I’ve been tempted for some time with ring flash and I finally bought one that fits over my existing flash gun. I’ll write a review shortly, but I like the way you can get light into difficult places as shown in this man staring into a box image. It is also great for macro shots, providing a nice even light, and is supposed to be pretty cool for portraits as well, but I need to try more of those yet.

Looking for my new ring flash

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