Another Stock Photographer willing to post real earnings!

There is a lot of bluff and misdirection in the world of stock photography (a bit like politics?) but I came across a site from a fellow stock photographer who is willing to post what he actually earns, and he also maintains a pretty comprehensive site where you can buy prints of his portfolio as well as copies of books of his best images published each year. The photographer in question is Glenn Nagel and you can find his site – Glenn Nagel Photography here.

The home page has a nice selection, in slide show format, of his images, but my favorite page is his portfolio collection of 35 of his own favorite images. There are some great images there and many that I would have been proud to have taken. His summary of earnings can be found

in his blog page, and looking at his stats, he is definitely showing the same pattern on Shutterstock as I am finding – a steady decline! As a relative newcomer to Adobe Stock, his earnings there fall far short of mine, but we are pretty similar on some of the other sites. I understand he chooses not to make microstock his life’s work and so he has not submitted to many of the agencies that I currently support, and that shows in the overall earnings, I think. I have certainly found that using Microstock Submitter I can upload to many agencies with about the same amount of work as submitting to one, so I would continue to recommend that to photographers looking to boost their monthly income.

Anyway – please check out Glenn’s site – it will be worth your while!

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