Brutally Honest Guide to Microstock Photography

This may seem strange – I have my own book on stock photography and here I am talking about a competing one! However, the new release by Alex Rotenberg called The Brutally Honest Guide to Microstock Photography is actually a very nice complement to my own book! Alex takes a broader view of the subject of stock photography, first looking at the market and what buyers are seeking, then going through some very useful tutorials (or reminders) of the various photographic approaches and techniques that can make (or break) a stock photograph. He reviews the various agencies and their approaches, and he is also very honest (as I am) on the effort involved to really make it in stock photography. Indeed, he makes the very useful point that the skills we are learning will translate very well into other photographic opportunities and has an interview with an architectural photographer who made exactly that move. My book dovetails nicely with this because I focus less on the market and the photographic skills needed and put much more detail around the “OK, so how do I do it?” question, with chapters about how to work with each agency, a workflow for handling all the images, sections on keywords and keywording tips and so on. You can read more and buy Alex’s book for $7.50 via this link, but we both have agreed to bundle our books together for a grand total of only $10.99. This includes both the PDF and eBook formats and is a whopping $4.50 less than buying them from Amazon or individually. You can buy the bundle from my site here.

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  1. Thanks Steve. I agree that our respective books complement each other nicely, and combined as a bundle, they offer contributors with a treasure trove of information to succeed in this tough business!

  2. Nice book, valuable content!

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