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Excerpts from user posted reviews of my eBook – Getting Started in Stock, a step by step guide to microstock photography. These reviews are unedited and the original location is posted, if known.

“It’s a great resources for people trying to get into the field. The information is concise and thorough, with step by step instructions on getting your photos submitted and approves in the most efficient way possible. Great links to software and other resources to make the job easier. Thank you very much.
One little suggestion. While there is some info on cameras, I think it would be helpful to have a little more explanation as to what to look for in a digital camera, such as image sensor size, megapixels, etc, to get good crisp pictures. Especially for non-DSLR cameras to use as backup.” <Source – Shutterstock Forum>

“I have this and read the whole book. While geared toward microstock newcomers, I did find a ton of great info inside and a few things I didn’t know and/or had forgotten about. A good read!” <Matt Antonino, Stock Photographer Blogger. Source – Backyard Silver Comment

“Just read your book. Wow, is that a lifesaver. So much info that I will be reading it over and over. Great job.” Source – Photography Talk Forum

“This book is a must for someone new going into the Microstock World where rookies will be eaten alive by the stock editors. I wish I had purchased this book before I jumped into the deep water thus saving me time and frustration.” Source – Tom, Microstock Group

 “I highly recommend the book as an absolute must have for anyone considering taking up stock photography. The book is well written and gets straight to the point using real examples from Steve’s stock portfolio. It is a personal account and as a result is so much more valuable because Steve has done all the hard work and research for you. He covers your initial submissions to developing a workflow for portfolio building. Steve also provides an indepth analysis of potential earnings and comments on all of the main stock sites. I have already started earning from stock in only a few weeks by using Steve’s advice. So don’t think about it just buy it and start building your stock portfolio.” Source – Steve, UK Photographer


“The Stock Photography Ebook is a great, comprehensive explanation about how to break into the microstock photography business. It covers everything from subject matter, workflow from start to finish, as well as the best sites to use, and how to get the most out of those sites. Also it gives free resources to help you work faster and more efficiently. Everything is organized into short easy to understand chapters. For non-beginners, it gives a lot of tips for better sales and more efficient workflow. It is definitely my go-to reference for any questions I have about Microstock photography.” Source – Constance R, Stock Photographer


“Great book!  I would recommend Steve’s book to anyone getting started as well as veteran stock photographers.  Steve’s detailed description of the stock sites combined with his thorough statistics offers the reader valuable information that would take years to learn on your own.” Source – Stuart P, Florida, USA


“Want to get started in stock photography? Then you need this book! Steve gives readers a concise plan of action to get you started and to keep you organized. The book is easy to read and full of info. I’m definitely glad I got my copy.” – Su Kopil, graphic designer, EarthlyCharms

For anyone wanting to enter into the sometimes confusing world of Micro Stock Photography I would highly recommend the website This extremely informative site and proprietor Steve Heap’s excellent e-book “Get Started in Stock” brings all the necessary information together in a fun and easy to follow but detailed manner. But beyond that, Steve continues to give with his monthly newsletters and is quick to answer a direct question should the need arise. Thanks Steve… A round of applause to you! – Jeannie, Virginia

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