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After almost four years in the business, I have spent the past few months creating a “how to do it” book for aspiring stock photographers. This is now available for purchase  using Paypal or credit cards. I’ve also posted User Reviews as I notice them.

Here is the introduction and table of contents from the book to give you an idea of the coverage:


Thanks for buying this eBook! You will find all the learning I have gained since I started with stock photography in 2007 and, armed with this knowledge, you can confidently make a start to make money from your own photos. How much can you earn? A recent survey on MicrostockForum of 540 stock photographers  reported that the average income was $13000 with the highest reported being $211,000! The median (the income of the 270th photographer if you ranked everyone by sales) was $3200 which unfortunately shows that there are a lot of low earners, but some really successful photographers at the top end. My aim is to get you above that point, as quickly as possible!

What are my qualifications for this? I am just like you; a competent amateur who enjoys photography. In just over three years, I have built my earnings from nothing to around $10,000  a year by following the steps in this book.

The early chapters cover the stock industry, how it developed and what you will find now – some bad news and some good. Then, you will find an overview of how to get started. Finally, in the later chapters, the information on a single stock site or topic is concentrated into one chapter with some easy to follow steps.

So let’s get going with a bit of background to help you navigate the waters of Stock Photography.

Getting started in stock photography

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